Things To Do When Choosing A Funeral Director


  1. Don’t rush it, yes it needs to have priority.
  2. Compare prices, Make sure you are getting what is required
  3. Do the requirements of the deceased fit with the funeral director, will they offer the service to the deceased / Family require / desire.
  4. Will the Funeral Director off you all  opportunities even if it is something they personally don’t have
  5. Check their feedback either on their web page and ask around., just because they have always been there does not automatically say they are the best
  6. Check the location, ask about home visits.
  7. Ask about payment details
  8. Get a quote in writing and is the first visit free
  9. Are they qualified, as there are some that are not
  10. Are they involved in the local community
  11. What types of transport can they offer for the coffin ( Car, Motorcycle hearse, horse drawn)
  12. Can your loved ones view the body
  13. Where will the remains be buried or cremated
  14. Can family members and friends be pallbearers
  15. What sort of coffin should I choose